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 Glossary of New Terms for Office 365

Microsoft Online Services Agreement (MOSA) ≡ The contract between Microsoft and you for Office 365 services purchased.

Microsoft Online Services Portal (Portal) The Web portal that customers use to try or buy Office 365 Plans, manage active Office 365 subscriptions, and/or manage user accounts and other service capabilities included in their Office 365 subscriptions.

Microsoft Online Services Partner (MOSPA) ≡ A partner who has signed the Microsoft Online Services Partner Agreement (MOSPA) and is certified to sell Office 365.

Office 365 Account ≡ The unique ID that is required to administer or use Office 365 services. The Office 365 account can be created when you try or buy an Office 365 plan for the first time.

Partner of Record (POR) ≡ The term used to reference the Microsoft Online Services Partner tied to a specific subscription. The Partner of Record is the partner recognized for selling you the Office 365.

Plan ≡ Office365 Plans are listed on the online services catalog within the Microsoft Online Services Portal. Each plan includes a set of online services capabilities or functionalities.

Pricing, Price, Prices ≡ For the purpose of this guide the terms "Pricing, Price, Prices" refer to the customer cost of a single User Subscription License (USL). All prices are stated in currency per user per month.

Product Key ≡ An Office 365Product Key is a 25-digit alpha numeric code used to activate Office 365 services and serves as the method of payment for the subscription.

Product Key Subscription ≡ An Office 365 subscription that is resold through partners via the Office 365 Open and Office 365 FPP programs, and is activated via the Product Key payment method.

Service Request (SR) ≡ A Service Request is how customers engage Microsoft Online Services support for resolving issues.

Subscription ≡ A subscription represents the detailed attribute of an agreement between Microsoft and a customer who has subscribed to a Microsoft Online Services plan.

User Subscription License (USL) Microsoft Online Services are subscription-based and provide access to software and services.  Licensing for Office 365 requires a User Subscription License (USL) for each user of the service.​